My First Blog Post!

I can't believe I'm doing this! 2018 = new year, better me. There were two times in my life when I started to blog. #1 for a University course and #2 when I was diagnosed with cancer. Now it's time to start fresh and really focus on what it is I want to say and not the previous "omg I have cancer and it sucks" speech. 
My name is Kayla and I have been dealing with life after cancer for 3+ years now. I was diagnosed when I was 21 (November 2014) and again at 22 (September 2015) and have been in remission since June 2016. If you want to read about all that shit you can go directly to my cancer blog which doesn't get updated much anymore but the story is unfinished so who knows...

As I said, it's been 3 years and for some unknown reason, I've just decided to dive right in and start this blog (alongside a YouTube Channel).

What do I want people to gain from my blog? Well, I don't want you to JUST come here and read about a sad girl who had cancer and is now dealing will the whirlwind of bullshit that follows it. To be honest, this blog is #1 for me, a therapeutic avenue for people in the same situation as me BUT also the wonders and curiosities of life AFTER cancer (or any life-changing event); if someone happens to Google cancer and clicks on my blog, that's a bonus because I have a lot to share with any and all young adults with cancer.

I plan on talking, reviewing and posting about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lifestyle, travel, fashion (and by fashion I mean my Amish-Hipster/Eclectic/Black style), food and health, product reviews (makeup, books, clothes, skincare the whole shebang) and of course COFFEE & TEA!! Basically, you can call this a "lifestyle blog" with a splash of dark and twisted moments.

Well here goes nothing...

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  1. Yes Girl! Looking forward to your amazing posts! Lots of love <3


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