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Dear Diary: Chemo cycle 1

December 9, 2014
Today was my first ABVD chemo session in the first cycle. I almost passed out when they put the needle into my hand. I'm not sure why though because I've never been paranoid about them before. I managed to choke down some ginger ale and rice crackers which helped me bounce back. Chemo took about 3 hours in total and went generally smooth (minus my fucking IV). 

After chemo, I was feeling well. Well enough to indulge in a Starbucks coffee. The boyfriend and I grabbed our complicated orders and planted ourselves on my couch for the next few hours. Again, because I was feeling good, I decided to eat a bowl of chicken chilli...big mistake. 

An hour after, the side effects started to kick in. Nausea and extreme tiredness were my best friends for the entire day. The next few days that followed, consisted of me hanging around my house, not eating much and just relaxing and sleeping. I overall felt weak and tired but was still about to do some small household things. By Friday I was feeling relatively back to normal. The weekend...terrible. I was in so much agony I cried for 2 days and didn't sleep. At long last, I got some medicine and was feeling like my old self for the rest of the second week.

December 23, 2014
The second chemo session today went much better. Took 2 hours with 0 pain thanks to my amazing Picc line..not. After chemo, I was feeling tired, but I managed to stay up until 10:30 before trying to sleep. It was a restless sleep, I flip-flopped all over the bed - my dog was bouncing everywhere. I'm glad this today seems to be going better than yesterday because tomorrow is when I celebrate Christmas and I really want to be able to go! On the plus side, I'm done with 1 out of 6 chemotherapy cycles. 5 more to go before treatment is over!



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