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Dear Diary: Chemo cycle 2

Jan 14, 2015

Today was the start of my second round of treatment. I'm feeling generally well, a little tired here and there but going strong. My hair is definitely thinning...I'd say I've lost about 40% of my total hair but you can't tell unless you examine my roots. I'm still taking the BioSil, wearing a nightcap, washing it once a week, and keeping it separated and tangle-free. I'm praying that I don't lose it 100% but at this point, I'm not sure if my hair will make it through the next 4 months completely.

I did end up getting a wig (from a gracious donor) that I'm having coloured and cut to match my normal hair. I'm glad I have this in case I need it in the future months. I also have hats which work out because CANADA IS COLD. It was -21 the other day! Otherwise, like I said, I've been well. I did gain 4 pounds...which makes me mad because I am not recommended to work out at all besides walking. So I'm still eating my regular amount and doing nothing 4/7 days of the week. I'm thinking of going to the gym during my good weeks and just walking lightly on the elliptical + some really low-impact muscle work. I feel like a potato and I can definitely notice 4 pounds! 

Jan 28, 2015

The second cycle is completed! I'm feeling alright, I seem to always get sick the night of chemo and then I am totally fine. Weird. I STILL HAVE A FULL HEAD OF HAIR THANK THE GOOD LORD! I'm feeling optimistic about everything and my hairdresser has dealt with this a lot and doesn't think I should worry about losing everything, PHEW. I did get my hair cut, so my hair just sits on my shoulders now! Super Cute!

I noticed this time during chemo, that I feel kinda queasy during the treatment itself, like looking at the equipment and tools and drugs make me feel uneasy. Also, you can totally feel the 'cure' being pumped into you and it makes you feel cold...I don't like it..and to be honest, from this point on I am dreading going to each session...sigh. On the bright side, I'm 1/3 done.


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