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Tobermory, ON, Canada

Summer is sweltering in Toronto, but up here, 4 hours northwest, it's cool and dewy. As always, I overpacked for my trip. The weather in Tobermory quickly changes; 1 second it will be sunny and warm, and then a cold front will move in and everyone is reaching for their sweaters. 

I enjoy packing for trips, but I also get overwhelmed. I try to make lists and be organized but it doesn't always work out for me. Since I drove up with 4 other people, I had to pack light and really think about each piece and even then, I still brought stuff that I didn't need (a.k.a. 4 tank tops when it's only 10 degrees). 

Here is my list of what to bring when you go up north for a week of hiking, driving and chilling at a cabin in the woods with your friends (got this graphic list idea from Allegra Shaw!)

Now that you've got the packing covered, here is a list of things to do and places to see in Tobermory with your friends. I didn't include the art galleries in this list, but if you are interested in art and handmade work, then definitely check out Circle Arts and Golden Gallery Tobermory.

Where are you going on your next adventure? Let me know below in the comments!


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